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Health Products

We offer links to merchants who carry a variety of health products. No product or description on this site is intended to replace the advice of a physician or other health care provider. No information on this website is intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease. We recommend you consult your personal health care provider before starting any exercise or supplement program.

Adult Content

Every effort is made to make sure that no adult content is available on this website. However, some of the merchants that list items here do have photos or other content of an adult nature. Our staff reviews the photos that are displayed on this website, and where we have found a photo that is too revealing, you will find the following text: Photo is too revealing to show here - Click to be taken to the website. Adult content warning.

A few photos may have this warning even when they are not of an adult nature. This was done where the photo was unavailable for preview, yet the merchant is one that frequently has photos that must be removed.

If a photo or other content has slipped by our staff, please accept our apologies. We strive to have products available for a wide variety of consumers, while keeping our website suitable for families. If you do find adult content of any kind, please let us know and we will remove it as soon as possible.

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